Resources for Artists

Americans for the Arts

Arts U On-Demand COVID-19 Webinars: While this organization currently doesn’t have any webinars scheduled, you can watch recordings of past webinars on topics ranging from how the CARES Act affects the arts sector to how to navigate the crisis and sustain healthy relationships.

American Association of Independent Musicians/Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment

MOME x Federal Assistance; COVID-19 Survey: A2IM is working with the New York City Mayor’s Office to investigate federal assistance, so regardless of what state you are in, you can fill out this survey to let them know how you are being impacted.

NYC Low-Income Artist/Freelancer Relief Fund

This fund, formed by two artists/administrators/advocates, is no longer accepting applications to receive money, but they are still looking for donations.

Freelance Artist Resource Producing Collective

COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resources: This aggregated list of resources ranges from livestreamed panels to surveys about quantifying economic impact.


Artist Relief

A coalition of national arts grantmakers will distribute $5,000 relief grants to artists facing dire financial emergencies. They also launched a survey to better identify and address artists’ needs.

Afro Latin Jazz Alliance

Emergency Artist Fund: Musicians and other performing artists, particularly those in New York and New Jersey from the Afro Latin and Latin Jazz music community, can apply for individual grants of up to $200. Submissions are due by April 30. Donations to the fund are also welcome.

Local 802 American Federation of Musicians

Musicians’ Emergency Relief Fund: Members of Local 802 and their families can apply for financial assistance and also access counseling and seminars. Donations to the fund are also welcome.

Foundation for Contemporary Arts

FCA Emergency Grants COVID-19 Fund: This temporary fund was created for experimental artists who have had canceled performances or exhibitions. The one-time grants are $1,500 each.

Our January event at Rockwood Music Hall. We’ll get back to this someday. (Photo credit: Michael Clemente)



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